Celebrate Recovery Step Studies

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Step Study is a journey of discovery and will forever change your life!

 If you would like to learn how to deal with your anger, resentments, boundary issues, character defects, and the difficult people in your life….now is the time to make a change. Come and figure out why you keep going around the SAME mountain in your life and decide to become the confident child of God the He wants you to be!

REAL RECOVERY begins in a step study!  If you have ANY hurt, habit or hang up….(we all do…) A Step Study is for YOU!!

Journey begins new picTHE JOURNEY BEGINS – Part 1 (Books 1 – 4)    Cost $20

This class is an 8-9 month study that deals with mixed issues and is specifically for people who are entering their first Step Study. The study is based on the 12 Steps with their Biblical Comparisons and the 8 Principles that are based on the Beatitudes.Whatever the hurt, habit or hang-up might be, people honestly working through the material in these step-study groups are able to form strong bonds, support teams and friends through sharing and caring. Most importantly, they are freed from  shame, guilt, and pain by learning to let go and let God take over – One Day at a Time!

 The WOMEN’S group, led by Staci Moore, will meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm in the Grace Student Ministry building. Classes begin on Tuesday, September 6th. 

The MEN’S group has 2 different meeting times; Tuesdays at 6:00pm or Sundays at 8am. Both groups will meet in the Grace Student                                                                        Ministry building. Brad Robertson will lead both of these groups. Tuesday meetings begin on September 6th, Sunday’s on September 4th.

 To sign up for one of the men’s groups , please click here

To sign up for the women’s group, please click here.



 journey continues new picTHE JOURNEY CONTINUES – Part 2 (Books 5 – 8)     Cost $20

This step study is for women only. The Journey Continues is designed for people who have done at least one Step Study, completed “The Journey Begins” (Books 1 – 4) and preferably taken some time to apply the Principles and truths they have learned to their lives. The purpose of these new lessons is to help people to grow and maintain momentum as they continue to move forward in their recoveries. This is a brand new curriculum and has even more to offer to help those who are hurting to move beyond their wounds to experience the healing and forgiveness of Christ. Classes begin Sunday, September 4th.

This group will meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the Student Ministry building and will be led by Crystal Cole, click here to sign up.


For more information on Celebrate Recovery or any of our Step Study classes, contact Staci Moore at staci@gracefs.com