30 day worship challenge

One of the truths God has shown many of us is that what happens on Sunday mornings should complement the worship that happens in our homes, and not replace it. Join us, beginning June 1, as Stephen Moad and Rick Ralston kick off a way to deepen your worship of the Father. With the changing circumstances we find ourselves in, this 30-Day Worship Challenge is a commitment for us to intentionally focus on worship and gratitude for all that God has done, what He’s doing even in the midst of the chaos and how He’s calling us to respond. The challenge consists of a scripture reading (no longer than just a few lines of scripture), intentional meditation and/or prayer time and then a prompt to respond. It will quite literally only take 10-15 minutes of each day for 30-days. We hope all of you who can will join us!

We will use our website (www.gracefs.com) and FaceBook as the platform.

Date: June 1- June 30


 The daily reading, prayer and response will be posted in blog format and will go out each morning automatically. Sign up HERE to join us.