Business owners connect group

There are many in our community whose livelihood and vocation are tied directly to a small business that they own, operate and/or serve the community through. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on small business touches many areas of our lives, not just our finances.

As believers, how we respond to this critical time is important on many levels. Most importantly, like any difficult circumstance that we encounter, we must not try to navigate life alone. This current situation is no exception.

Starting this week (Thursday @ noon) we will begin a weekly Zoom meeting to bring small business owners together for discussion on how we are navigating, responding and pressing in to the current difficulty. This will be a place of encouragement, prayer, tactical discussion, sharing of helpful knowledge and information, etc…This is not just for the Grace family. We all have a network of small business owners that we know, so feel free to share this opportunity with others.

Join Brandon Green and Rick Ralston each Thursday at noon. Details for the meeting will be sent out via text. Now, more than ever, this is the time to turn our work over to the Lord. Sign up HERE.