Emotional Healing – For WOMEN Only

Say “Goodbye” to Unhealthy Emotions and “Hello” to True Peace

Are you ready to experience the life God intended? You can! It’s time, once and for all, to be rid of the unhealthy emotions that are holding you back from experiencing the deep and personal love God has for you and His peace that surpasses understanding.

Joanne Craig is passionate to see women spiritually healed from past or present hurts, so they are free to experience the wonderful presence of God every day. These hurts can produce various emotional struggles resulting in feelings of resentment and unforgiveness, anger, fear, guilt, and shame, and more. Using the biblical, prayer-based program designed by Dr. Jim Gardner, you will learn how to resolve these negative emotions.

The curriculum is divided into four six-week courses:

  1. The Greatest Hindrance to Peace – Unforgiveness (October 3- November 7) COMPLETED
  2. “Fact-based” Emotions of Grief, Sadness, and Genuine Guilt – (January 9- February 13)
  3. “Belief-based” Emotions of Shame, Fear, Hurt, Hopelessness, and Aloneness – TBD
  4. “Being a Disciple of Jesus” Maintaining Your Freedom Day by Day – TBD

This group is life transforming for women who are ready to “do” the work. So, if you have tried everything else, maybe it’s time to let God take it from here. This group will meet in the home of Joanne Craig on Wednesdays at 10:00-11:30. The number of group participants is limited, so don’t hesitate to sign up if you are interested.