Online Service Only – March 15

From Stephen Moad

Greetings Grace Family…..

I hope this finds you well. Jeff is out of town, (see his note below) but he has asked me to inform you that we WILL NOT gather here on the campus for church services tomorrow due to the threat of COVID-19. We will offer an online service at 9:30am on YouTube and FaceBook. We are monitoring the situation and are partnering with other churches and establishments in the River Valley to do our part to prevent further spread of this virus.

On a personal note….

I understand that most people fall on a broad spectrum of feelings when it comes to this virus. I truly understand the many different feelings. I also understand fully that there are many who believe this virus to be “just a different kind of flu,” and/or “just a threat to the elderly and compromised.” However, if you know my family and our story, you know that our youngest son (Asher) has trachiamalacia and chronic lung disease. We are a family who is compromised. Therefore, the threat is a very real and present danger to not only us, but many others in our church family. I just want you to know that our family sincerely appreciates your understanding of the cancellation of our services.

Having said that, since Jeff was out of town this week already, he asked if I would preach….and I’m still going to. Daniel and I are planning a way for us all to be in worship together via technology tomorrow morning at 9:30am on YouTube and FaceBook. So, please join me, as this week’s message is something I believe we all need to hear at this time.

From Pastor Jeff:

Grace Community Church Family,

In consultation with many others, I have made the decision to not gather for worship tomorrow as a church family. I have hesitated to do this in part because I did not want to add to the panic that seems to have pervaded our culture at the moment. I do not believe this is a moment for panic or fear, but I do believe it is a moment to be mindful of those who are most weak and vulnerable in our community. Until this morning, I had planned to continue with on-site worship, but I am convinced by medical experts that preventive measures now will make a difference in how this plays out.

I think my friend, and the pastor at Community Bible Church, Kevin Thompson, has written some wise words around why Community Bible has chosen not to gather for worship this Sunday, as well. (

We will continue to monitor this situation and keep our church family advised. If you are in need of help during this time or someone whose health condition would prevent you from getting food or medicine or anything else that you need, please call the church office.

I hope you will join Stephen for worship online in the morning. I am out of the office until Friday and Stephen had already been planning a message on fear as part of our Enemies of Faith series (God is always amazing isn’t He?!)

Yours in Christ,