Stuff the truck

We are excited to announce our Stuff the Truck Event to support our ministry partner, Community Services Clearinghouse.  Currently the Clearinghouse is serving over 700 families through their Food Pantry.  This is a significant increase due to COVID19.  Normally, the Clearinghouse is able to stretch donated dollars by purchasing bulk quantities of food for their pantry.  At this time, they are not allowed that buying power.  The next time you are shopping, please take the needs list with you and pick up an item or two.  The Clearinghouse truck will be in our parking lot May 27th-June 3rd. There will be no contact necessary, simply leave your items on the table during the designated drop off times.  If you would like to volunteer for a shift in organizing and packing donations, please contact Kathleen Halliburton at . We also need boxes for the truck. You can drop them off in the church office.