The Epic of Eden

Have you ever struggled to understand the Old Testament?  Have you ever wondered why there is so much violence in the Old Testament?  Have you ever wondered why there were so many laws and rituals in the Old Testament  and pondered upon how these fit into how we follow Jesus today?  Have you written off the Old Testament as too strange and just satisfied yourself to focus on the New Testament because it’s “easier to understand.”

I invite you to join me for the Epic of Eden:  Understanding the Old Testament.  It is impossible to understand Christ and his mission apart from God’s words and activities that are revealed to us in the Old Testament.  If you will give me 12 weeks, I will give you the tools and knowledge to read the Old Testament with understanding and with joy.

Each Wednesday night from January 17 until April 18 (off Feb. 14 for Valentine’s Day and March 21 for Spring Break),  we will share a catered meal together, watch a 30 minute teaching video by Dr. Sandra Richter of Harvard University’s Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department, and spend some time discussing what we have learned around the table with others.

Wherever you are in your knowledge of the bible and in your walk with Christ, I truly believe that this class is going to help lay a solid foundation for your spiritual life.  I encourage you to join me as we learn of our God who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

PLEASE SIGN UP BELOW so that we make sure that we have enough resources and food for all.  CHILDCARE is provided but you must sign up your children ahead of time.

Pastor Jeff