Understanding the Old testament (Online only)

5 weeks: Sundays at 7pm

May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21, and June 28

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some assignments need to be completed before the first class on May 31

Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from? This course, offered through The Bible Project, explores the origins of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and how to develop the skills necessary for reading it well. We’ll explore the biblical and historical data about how the biblical text came to be, focusing on why and how these texts were formed into a unified collection. We’ll also cover some of the most important skills necessary for reading biblical narrative and poetry so that you can take your own study of the Bible to the next level.

Participants will need to spend approximately 30 minutes per day over the span of 5 weeks watching video lectures at home on their own time. This class is accessible to anyone who truly desires to understand the Old Testament, but it requires a dedication to do the weekly work. The weekly meeting with Pastor Jeff on Sundays will not be beneficial to those who do not complete their weekly assignments. Those who complete the course will have completed the equivalent of graduate level seminary work on the Old Testament. Anyone who desires to know more and is willing to spend the time watching the videos will benefit from the class–no previous bible classes are required.

Participants will need to do 3 things before the first class at 7pm on May 31, 2020.

  1. Register for the class HERE. Individual registrations only. If a couple wants to sign up, complete a registration for each person individually.
  2. Go to https://bibleproject.com/classroom/ and sign up. (Click on “Explore the First Course.” Then click on “Skip to the Full Course”. At this point you will have to register as a new user.)
  3. Watch the first 6 videos in Unit 1 “The Shape of the Hebrew Bible” (each video is approximately 30 minutes long). Use your Class Handouts or a separate notebook to jot down thoughts or questions that hit you as you watch the videos. Print off at home or pick up from the church office the Class Handout (64 pages)