While We’re Waiting

Our While We’re Waiting Support Group for Bereaved Moms in the River Valley area of Arkansas will be meeting the first Monday of every month at 6:00pm. Please plan to join us for an evening of hope, fellowship and encouragement with other Moms who understand the experience of losing a child and are seeking to live well while we’re waiting. Joanne Craig, mother of Craig Strickland, will be facilitating this group.

You are welcome if your child has been in heaven for 30 days or for 30 years. You are welcome if your child was stillborn and never took a single breath, or if your child lived to be an adult and had a family of his/her own.

Losing a child is the deepest pain a parent can experience and a lonely journey because no one can do it for you.  Being in the presence of moms who have also lost a child is more than comforting. You also feel the power of the Holy Spirit at work as He comforts those precious broken hearts. This will be a safe place, a place where moms can discuss their struggles, knowing they will not be judges. They will also share their victories and rejoice with each other as they move along the road to healing.

No need to register ahead of time … Come as you are.