Meghan Brown

Full Name:

Meghan Elizabeth Brown

About you and your family:

My family lives in Greenwood where I was raised. My husband Jacob and I have been married 13 years. Our clan includes London, 13, an aspiring veterinarian and dancer, Chenoa, the most empathetic 11 year old I know, Jace, 9, who has goals of college football and the military, Tru, 7, whose passions are Lego building and Minecraft, and Kian, 2, the piece of our family puzzle that made us complete.

Ministry Position:

Director of Grace Place Preschool

Life-Changing Moment:

Every moment one of our children were born.

Previous Job/occupation:

Teacher at Grace Place Preschool

Favorite Food:

Popcorn. Everyday. Now, I’m craving it.

Pet Peeve:

Whoever in my house who keeps sitting the lids on the chocolate milk and orange juice instead of screwing them on. These are things I like to shake while I pull them out of the fridge.

In My Spare Time:

I like to curl up to a good book or movie while there’s peace and quiet in the house. Oh wait, you said spare time not fantasy. I’m usually attending all of my kids’ events and writing papers for school. If there’s time between that then I find something fun to do for the whole family.


Oklahoma City


Sydney Bristow from Alias, Captain Kathryn Janeway from the Federation Starship Voyager, and my mom.

If you had an extra $10 what would you buy:

A week’s worth of chocolate: A mocha frappe, a mint Hershey bar, and some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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