About you and your family:
I am married to Aaron and we have three children. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Horticulture.  Aaron and I also met there.  We have lived in Fort Smith since 2005 and love it here. We have three dogs, a cat, a chicken, parakeets, and a fish.
Ministry Position:
Assistant Director of Creative Ministries
Life-Changing Moment:
My life changed when I became very involved in youth group in the 8th grade and soon thereafter became a  Christ follower. Meeting my husband and having our three children have also been life-changing.
Previous Job/occupation:
I was formerly the Assistant Director of Grounds and Transportation at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith for seven years. I was also the Urban Forester for the City of Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Department which was a shared position with UAFS.
Favorite Food:
Sushi and Pizza
Pet Peeve:
Tree topping and the sounds of people chewing their food.
In My Spare Time:
We love to go geocaching and taking the kids and dogs on hikes.
It’s a dual role, my parents.  Now that I am one, I realize the sacrifices they made for our family and the love they poured into myself and my brother.
If you had an extra $10 what would you buy:
ITunes music