Stephen Moad

Full Name: Stephen Moad

About you and your family: My wife, Ashley, and I have been married for almost 16 years. Our little

Moad clan is made up of: Elijah (age 12), Addyson (age 7) and Baby Asher (on the way….should be

arriving around the 1st of September)….and of course, our dog, Griffen!

Ministry Position: Pastor to Students and Families and Co-Worship Arts Pastor with my wife,

Ashley……oh, and Chief-Executive Officer of “Do-Whatever-Is-Needed!” 

Life-Changing Moment: Two, actually: The first life-changing moment was when I met my wife! The

second was when I fully surrendered to God’s unbelievable sovereignty!

Previous Job/occupation: Before ministry, I worked as a waiter at Western Sizzlin’

Favorite Food: My wife’s homemade lasagna…….and dump cake! Laugh all you want! But, it’s


Pet Peeve: squeezing the toothpaste from the middle……and feet!

In My Spare Time: What is this “spare time” that you speak of?

Birthplace: Fayetteville, AR

Hero: My wife! She’s the smartest and strongest person I know……in all ways: spiritually, emotionally,

physically, mentally! She’s overcome so much…..and she’s done it with such mercy and grace, love

and acceptance, forgiveness and patience. She’s the real deal! And……she’s easy on the eyes, too!

If you had an extra $10 what would you buy: My own toothpaste that no one else gets to use.